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About the Museum

Let the Museum introduce itself

About Museum of Tarot

Museum of Tarot (or Bảo Tàng Tarot in Vietnamese), founded in 2016 (will officially open in 2017), is located in Can Tho City, in the south of Vietnam. The museum has three themes: Lithotherapy, Cartomancy and Demonology.

It is combined from six main collections related to Tarology:

Fortune Telling Cards (Tarot and Oracles decks), Historical Books and Documents on Cartomancy, Art of Cardmaking and Decoration of Fortune Telling Cards; Amulets and Talismans and Magical Tools; Lithotherapy Crystals and Charmestones; Demonological and Sacred Books and Haunted Objects.

The museum is established in an ancient noble hotel, called “the citron house”, under the Vietnamese renaissance style. This house is sacrificed for the museum by an old couple of lawyer, Anh Ngo and Duong Ho in 2015.


We would like to express special thanks to our honor doners and friends who have given us the precious opportunity to establish this wonderful museum.
List of Museum Heroes: Doners & Sponsors/Parners & Friends of Museum & Officers & Visitors

Legal Notice

Credits & Legal Notice

Museum of Tarot

Deepak Bhagya

44 Nguyen Khuyen Street, An Cu Ward, Ninh Kieu District

900 000 Can Tho City, Vietnam

Phone: +84 916416409

Email: contact@museum-tarot.org

Connecting with the museum

Service of the museum

Video Presentation

Museum Founder

Philippe NGO, Ph.D

Researcher with BNF (National Library of France - BiBibliothèque Nationale de France) in DIGIDOC Project , funded by ANR (French National Research Agency - Agence National de Recherche) on the digitization of old and precious documents of human culture.

Tarot researcher and author of some tarot books. Founder of Tarot Huyen Bi Community and Tarot Viet Service.

Museum Honor

Phung Lam

Tarot researcher and author of some tarot books. Founder of Tarot Viet Service.

He is the biggest doner of the museum with around more than a hundred tarot and oracle decks, with more than a hundred bouddhist and taoist amulets and sacred tools.


Know more about our treasures

Tarot & Oracles & Fortune Telling Cards

Cartomancy Books and Documents

Art of Cardmaking & Decorating in Cartomancy

Lithotherapy Crystals & Charms Stones

Amulets & Talismans & Magical Ritual Tools

Demonology & Haunted Objects

Some Facts about Museum

300 Decorating Objects about Cartomancy (pins, medals, paintings...)
2000 Antique and comtemporary Tarot & Oracles & Divination tools.
200 Cardmaking Plates (Etchings, Woodcuts, Photographic Glass...)
200 Books & Historical Documents about Tarot & Oracles & Magick
2000 Amulets & Talismans & Ritual Tools (Athames, Sigil Seals...)
3000 Charmstones & Lithotherapy Crystals

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Our Friends of Museum

Our Museum Officer Team



AAA089: The collection of Tarot no.3330

AAA089: The collection of Tarot no.3330



II106:Prophetic Imagery Rediscovered: Unveiling the Lost Tarot of Nostradamus

 Lost Tarot of Nostradamus


The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus is a Tarot deck based on illustrations attributed to Nostradamus, which were rediscovered in 1994. John Matthews of Grail Tarot and Wil Kinghan of Shaman’s Oracle collaborated to create the original 78-card deck. This Tarot deck was published by Tuttle Publishing.

The Tarot is based on illustrations believed to have been created by Nostradamus and were only rediscovered in 1994. In the National Library of Italy in Rome, a researcher found a manuscript containing 80 mysterious images, thought to be the work of the enigmatic seer Michael de Nostredame, better known as Nostradamus. The deck consists of 78 fully colored cards along with an illustrated guidebook.

The images in this Tarot deck were shared from a newly discovered 16th-century manuscript (in 1994), believed to be based on a previously unknown work by the prophetic Nostradamus. This deck combines the prophetic words with Tarot’s predictive imagery, creating a set of cards that can only be described as “sacred” by a foremost seer.

II103:A Limited Edition Masterpiece: Rediscovering the Jean-Pierre Payen Marseille Tarot (1713)

 Tarot of Marseille


The Tarot of Marseille Heritage Jean-Pierre Payen, created in 1713, belongs to the Tarot de Marseille category. It closely resembles the Tarot Dodal by Jean Dodal. However, there is some debate about whether the design or the designer is the true origin of the Tarot Dodal, even though the Tarot Dodal is often dated earlier (and only approximately specified). This Tarot deck was crafted in Avignon by Jean-Pierre Payen, a cardmaker and engraver, in 1713. He had settled in Avignon since 1710.

The Jean-Pierre Payen Marseille Tarot is a limited edition, with only 1500 copies produced. It is renowned as one of the most beautiful Marseille Tarot decks, referred to as “Type I” (distinguished from the “Type II” specifically by the World card’s cloak and the Devil card’s belly adorned with a human face). This reproduction is based on original copies from the Swiss Museum of Games in The Tower of Peilz, Switzerland, the Playing Card Museum from Issy les Moulineaux in France, and the Beinecke Library at Yale University in the United States, allowing for the exquisite reissue of this Tarot deck that had previously never been reprinted.

The Jean-Pierre Payen Marseille Tarot consists of 78 cards and includes 2 introductory cards (in French and English). It comes packaged in a telescopic box, and its retail price is €33. You can find this Tarot deck for sale on the current website’s online store.

The Jean-Pierre Payen Marseille Tarot is part of the “Tarot of Marseille Heritage” project, aiming to preserve the tradition of the Marseille Tarot by creating accurate reproductions of historical Tarot decks, with utmost respect for the original published versions. 

more info:


II086:Beyond Fortune Telling: Exploring Southeast Asia Through the SEAMS Tarot 2nd Edition

 SEAMS Tarot


SEAMS Tarot 2nd Edition is a unique Tarot deck created by the artist Rowen. Let’s explore this deck and its origins.

  • The SEAMS Tarot 2nd Edition is the second version of the SEAMS Tarot deck. It was created with the goal of connecting communities in Southeast Asia through stories and legends from this region¹. The project was supported by 69 backers on Kickstarter and raised a total of 7,667 Singapore dollars to bring it to life¹.

  • The SEAMS Tarot consists of a total of 90 Tarot cards and 30 Oracle I Ching cards. This deck is not only a tool for predicting the future but also a way to explore the stories and symbols of Southeast Asia. Each card carries a piece of the culture and traditions of this region.

  • Rowen, the creator of the SEAMS Tarot, is the President of the Tarot and Cartomancy Association of Singapore. He aims to promote collaboration among ASEAN countries and introduce Southeast Asian culture to the world through this Tarot deck.



Volume I


BB174: Golden Dawn Tarot

Golden Dawn Tarot


Certainly! Here’s an article about the Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot:

The Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot is an innovative, non-traditional Tarot deck that contains two decks in one. Let’s explore its fascinating features:

  1. Enochian Watchtower Tarot:

    • This side of the deck is filled with symbolic information related to the Enochian system of magick. Enochian magick is considered one of the most powerful magickal methods ever discovered.
    • The four suits of 22 cards each are designed for skrying, divination, and ritual work.
    • Each card represents an Enochian square, including correspondences such as elemental, astrological, geomantic, alchemical, tarot, Egyptian god, archangelic, angelic, kerubic, and Hebrew letter associations.
    • The symbols and images on both sides of any card are related, allowing you to learn more about the meaning by examining the other side.
  2. Western Tattvas Tarot:

    • On the other side of the cards, you’ll find the Western Tattvas Tarot. This extension draws from Eastern traditions used by the Golden Dawn.
    • The elements are associated with simple geometric shapes, providing a unique perspective.
    • The deck is ideal for astral projection or seeing onto the astral plane (skrying).
    • It’s also valuable for learning and teaching the concepts of the Enochian system.
  3. The Full-Size Book:

    • The set includes a comprehensive book that explains the divinatory meanings for both sides of each card.
    • You’ll find detailed explanations of all symbolism, enabling you to master these two powerful magickal systems.


  • Chic Cicero and Tabatha Cicero are Chief Adepts of the Golden Dawn, re-established by Israel Regardie.
  • They have written numerous books on the Golden Dawn, Tarot, and Magic.

In summary, the Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot is a magickal wonder, bridging Western and Eastern traditions. Whether you’re a practitioner or a curious seeker, this deck offers profound insights and connections.

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Useful Information

Getting Here

Adress: 44 Nguyen Khuyen Street, An Cu Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City, Vietnam.
Phone Number: +(84) 916416409.
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Hours and Admission

All days from 10 am to 17 pm. Closed on the last day and 1st day of solar and lunar new year.
Mandatory reservation 2 days in advanced.
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Plan and Guide

Museum has three floors corresponding to three main themes: Lithotherapy, Cartomancy and Demonology.
You can download brochures, plan and guide here.
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Bookstores and Shopping

You can buy many antique or reproduction objects, directly in the bookstores. You can also buy it online via our partners website, safely with paypal account.
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Events and Exbihitions

You can participe in many events, included workshops, meetings or exhibitions, monthly at the museum. Check our future and previous events!
You can also celebrate your events in the museum.
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Coffeeshop and Salon de The

A small coffeeshop and Salon de The is located directly inside the museum. You can taste your coffee/tea during your visit.
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Tarot Service Center

The museum also has a free-to-use room for the tarot/oracle reading service. All readers are welcome ! The museum also has monthly free tarot courses for everyone !
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Friends of Museum

Why not become our influencers or sponsors or partners or volunteers? You can benefit many offers with the museum. Your help is greatly appreciated!
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Givings and Donations

The museum always needs your helps to enlarge the collections and improve the quality. All givings and donations are welcome. Your help is greatly appreciated !
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44 Nguyen Khuyen Street, An Cu Ward, Ninh Kieu District, 900 000 Can Tho City, Vietnam

Phone number

(+84) (0) 916416409