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Museum of Tarot - Tarot Center
44 Nguyen Khuyen Street, Ninh Kieu.
900000 Can Tho City, Vietnam
Phone: +84 7103823797
Email: contact@museum-tarot.com

Livre de Thot (Book of Thot), par Etteilla, published by Ducherre, c.1850.

Tarot/Oracle Reading Service

The museum always provides free-to-use rooms for reading service. Many tarot/oracle readers stay here to advise you if necessary  (both free and with fee). Reading fee is regular around 3$/30 minutes. Many tarot beginners can provide a free reading in museum.

All tarot/oracle readers are independent with the museum, we do not surcharge any registration fee.

Tarot/Magick Course

The museum provides a free tarot course quarterly for everyone, on sunday. Many professional courses by the invited famous readers will be celebrated during the year.

Check our facebook fanpage to updating the museum courses.

Tarot/Magick/Shaman/Demonology Workshop 

Quarterly, a mixte event with a specific theme will be celebrated by the museum. All events are relative with magick, cartomancy, shaman or wicca. You want to participe to the museum events or celebrate your event here ?

Read more in Events and Exhibitions.

Check our facebook fanpage to updating the museum workshop.

Special ! Night in the Museum !

The museum has a chamber in the third floor delicated to Demonology (Demonology and Haunted Objects) where we display all specical things around the world. You can book one night in this special chamber for only 50$ (yes, you also can choose the haunted object that you want to place directly in the chamber). All ghost detected tools (EMFS, SEFM, EVP, EDI, ATS, PMS, UMS [*]...) are ready-to-use for you (no surcharge needed).

Booking via the Contact Form.

Yue-Laou and wife (God and Goddess of Mariage), bone carving, in Vietnam, 19th century.

* EMFS: Electro Magnetic Field Sensor
* SEFM: Static Electric Field Meter
* EVP : Electronic Voice Phenomena
* ATS:  Ambient Temperature Sensor
* PMS: Portable Motion Sensor
* UMS: Ultrasonic Motion Sensors


Get in touch with the Museum



44 Nguyen Khuyen Street, An Cu Ward, Ninh Kieu District, 900 000 Can Tho City, Vietnam

Phone number

(+84) (0) 916416409