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Museum of Tarot - Tarot Center
44 Nguyen Khuyen Street, Ninh Kieu.
900000 Can Tho City, Vietnam
Phone: +84 7103823797
Email: contact@museum-tarot.com

King of Thailand Clay Amulets, Thailand, c.20th century.
From the collection of Amulets and Talismans.

Friends of Museum

All honorable doners (both givings or donations); all supporters of museum (included researchers, writers and divination reader) who help us, all reprensentative of sponsors/partners, and all volunteers of the museum, are always included in the Friendzone of the Museum.

Below are all the fantastic benefits of becoming a Friend of the Museum:

On Event Participation:
• Fast-track entry to all ticketed exhibitions at Museum.
• Free on all museum events ticket.
• Invitation to Friends' private views for you and a guest
• Special programme of Friends events that gives you exclusive access to the Museum's special collections.
• Free highlights gallery tour on each month.
• Regular Museum updates and events listings.

On Bookstores and Online Shoppings:
• 25% discount in the bookshops at the Museum and at the online shop.
• 25% discount in cafes at Museum.

On Images and Texts Credits:
• Free to use all images/textes of our museum gallery !

How to become FRIENDS OF MUSEUM ?

Honorable doners ?

All doners of museum are automatic become Friend of Museum. The invitation will be sent just after finish the donations or givings process. For enlarging the variety of the collections, the museum appreciates all types of givings: all objects relative with cartomancy, lithotherapy and demonology.

Visit Support The Museum page.

Supporters of museum ?

You are a writer, a researcher, an historian, a collector or a tarot/oracle reader ? Just support us via your website, your writings, your books, your articles, your blogs !

- You can write about us in your writings (on your blogs, your websites or your books).
- You can mention us in your research (on your blogs, your websites or your books).
- You can index us on your website (on the useful links or partners links of your websites/blogs).

Lets us know your kindness support and we will invite you become Friend of Museum. Write to us via the Contact Form.

You can check the list of our Supporters of Museum here.

Sponsorships ?

You are a shop/service owner ? All you need is pick our logo and our website on your shop/service website ! We will do the same thing with your logo and your website as soon as possible. We will annonce your service (website, facebook...) on our website, our fanpage and our community !

Lets us know your kindness and we will invite you become Friend of Museum. Write to us via the Contact Form.

You can check the list of our Sponsors of Museum here.

Volunteers of museum ?

You do not have a website neither nor a blogs ? You are not a writer, an historian or an reader?
 If you are just someone who love the museum, and you want to do something to support us. Much of the necessary work at the museum is carried out by a dedicated and valued team of volunteers. We have a variety of roles available within the Museum and we strive to offer specialist training and development opportunities where possible. We welcome all applications from potential volunteers who wish to help support our various activities. Please note that you have to be at least 18 years old to volunteer.

Write to us what you want to do or what you can do via the Contact Form. You are always welcome!

You can check the list of our Volunteers of Museum here.

Obsidian Plate Amulets with the engraving of bouddha, China, c.20th century.
From the collection of Amulets and Talismans.


Get in touch with the Museum



44 Nguyen Khuyen Street, An Cu Ward, Ninh Kieu District, 900 000 Can Tho City, Vietnam

Phone number

(+84) (0) 916416409