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Museum of Tarot - Tarot Center
44 Nguyen Khuyen Street, Ninh Kieu.
900000 Can Tho City, Vietnam
Phone: +84 7103823797
Email: contact@museum-tarot.com

Human fetus skull (a false object, acutally a monkey skull) from Cambodia, c.20th century.
From the collection of Amulets and Talismans.

Please help to ensure the legacy of tarot, and the future of the museum. The Museum of Tarot is an independent museum. We receive no government funding and therefore rely on the generosity of individuals, trusts and foundations to help fund a wide variety of projects and activities. All donations and givings are gratefully received and are used to fund new acquisitions, exhibitions, our public engagement and learning events, and the ongoing costs of caring for the collections.


For enlarging the variety of the collections, the museum appreciates all types of giving: the tarot and oracle decks that you don't use anymore; the lithotherapy stones and crystals that you don't need; the magic or ritual objects that you want to contribute for community and all others objects related to the magic and divination that you want to donate just because you love the museum !

The museum encourage also all objects of art created by artists. If you are a painter, an art creator, a photographer, ... you can support us by donating you original paintings, engravings, photographs, videos, .... or handmade objects related to the magic, ritual, divination, tarot and oracle.

Instead of forsaking it in the house, send it to the museum to reborn your object. We will give you the certificate of doner, and after 5 years, if you change your mind, we will give back your object. So, please, keep safely your certificate of doner.

You can check the list of Givings and Donations of our museum.


For expanding the service for tourists, the museum appreciates all donations for the museum. The museum is free entry without tickets, so if you thinks that the museum is very useful, please give some donations after the visit. You can also give the donation online via Paypal.

For all donations, we will give you the certificate of donation, to pay honor for the doners. Many special gifts are ready to give for you. Send us the donation confirmation email to register Friend of the Museum and get the benefits of friendzone !

You can check the list of Givings and Donations of our museum.

Read this: [Make a donation online now via Paypal]

Other simple way to make a donation is simple buy our products via our bookstore !


You do not have something interesting relative to cartomancy, lithotherapy or demonology to give us, but you have a website, blogs or member of a forum, group,... ? Or you are the writer, blogger, researcher, or a tarot/oracle reader ? You are the shop/service owner ? No matter who you are, but YOU WANT TO SUPPORT US, you can be our Friends of Museum !

Read more about this:  How to become Friends of Museum... and Why ?

For more information, write to us via contact@museum-tarot.com

Buddha Clay Amulet, Thailand, 18th century.
From the collection of Amulet and Talismans.


Get in touch with the Museum



44 Nguyen Khuyen Street, An Cu Ward, Ninh Kieu District, 900 000 Can Tho City, Vietnam

Phone number

(+84) (0) 916416409