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II103:A Limited Edition Masterpiece: Rediscovering the Jean-Pierre Payen Marseille Tarot (1713)

 Tarot of Marseille


The Tarot of Marseille Heritage Jean-Pierre Payen, created in 1713, belongs to the Tarot de Marseille category. It closely resembles the Tarot Dodal by Jean Dodal. However, there is some debate about whether the design or the designer is the true origin of the Tarot Dodal, even though the Tarot Dodal is often dated earlier (and only approximately specified). This Tarot deck was crafted in Avignon by Jean-Pierre Payen, a cardmaker and engraver, in 1713. He had settled in Avignon since 1710.

The Jean-Pierre Payen Marseille Tarot is a limited edition, with only 1500 copies produced. It is renowned as one of the most beautiful Marseille Tarot decks, referred to as “Type I” (distinguished from the “Type II” specifically by the World card’s cloak and the Devil card’s belly adorned with a human face). This reproduction is based on original copies from the Swiss Museum of Games in The Tower of Peilz, Switzerland, the Playing Card Museum from Issy les Moulineaux in France, and the Beinecke Library at Yale University in the United States, allowing for the exquisite reissue of this Tarot deck that had previously never been reprinted.

The Jean-Pierre Payen Marseille Tarot consists of 78 cards and includes 2 introductory cards (in French and English). It comes packaged in a telescopic box, and its retail price is €33. You can find this Tarot deck for sale on the current website’s online store.

The Jean-Pierre Payen Marseille Tarot is part of the “Tarot of Marseille Heritage” project, aiming to preserve the tradition of the Marseille Tarot by creating accurate reproductions of historical Tarot decks, with utmost respect for the original published versions. 

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