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II086:Beyond Fortune Telling: Exploring Southeast Asia Through the SEAMS Tarot 2nd Edition

 SEAMS Tarot


SEAMS Tarot 2nd Edition is a unique Tarot deck created by the artist Rowen. Let’s explore this deck and its origins.

  • The SEAMS Tarot 2nd Edition is the second version of the SEAMS Tarot deck. It was created with the goal of connecting communities in Southeast Asia through stories and legends from this region¹. The project was supported by 69 backers on Kickstarter and raised a total of 7,667 Singapore dollars to bring it to life¹.

  • The SEAMS Tarot consists of a total of 90 Tarot cards and 30 Oracle I Ching cards. This deck is not only a tool for predicting the future but also a way to explore the stories and symbols of Southeast Asia. Each card carries a piece of the culture and traditions of this region.

  • Rowen, the creator of the SEAMS Tarot, is the President of the Tarot and Cartomancy Association of Singapore. He aims to promote collaboration among ASEAN countries and introduce Southeast Asian culture to the world through this Tarot deck.


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