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Article: Antique book The Key To Tarot by author A.E.Waite, published by Laurence & Co in 1919.

The very rare antique book The Key To Tarot, written by A.E.Waite and published by Laurence & Co in 1919, was bought last week for the museum. This book is famous because it is an exact facsimile copy of the The Key To Tarot of A.E.Waite, under the title The Illustrated Key to the Tarot: The Veil of Divination, Illustrating the Greater and Lesser Arcana, without giving any credit to Waite.

Some information about L. W. de Laurence:

L. W. de Laurence (full name Lauron William de Laurence) was an American author and publisher on occult and spiritual topics. He was born on 20 March 1868 at Ravenna, Ohio, the eldest child of William and Mary (nee Walker) Lawrence and died on 11 September 1936 in Chicago, Illinois, USA at the age of 68. He was married twice: the first time was in 1897 to Orrie Eckert in Ohio and the second time in about 1905 to Pauline McAdoo in Illinois. His publishing company (De Laurence, Scott & Co.) and spiritual supply mail order house was located in Chicago, Illinois. De Laurence was a pioneer in the business of supplying magical and occult goods by mail order, and his distribution of public domain books, such as Secrets of the Psalms by Godfrey Selig and Pow Wows or the Long-Lost Friend by John George Hohman had a great and lasting effect on the African American urban hoodoo community in the southern United States as well as on the development of Obeah in Jamaica. In early 1930 he was consecrated a bishop by the Spiritualist Arthur Edward Leighton (1890 to 1963), a bishop of the American Catholic Church (a church body founded by Joseph René Vilatte). One surprising result of de Laurence's consecration was that it helped influence the move of some black spiritualist churches towards a more traditional view of Christianity and in the year of his death, 1936, he may have consecrated the first bishops for these churches, e.g. Thomas B Watson (1898 to 1985) of New Orleans.


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